Landing your fish
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Research has shown that limiting your fishes exposure to air significantly increases its chances of survival.

  • Keep the fish in the water at all times for an optimal release.
  • If using a landing net use a large diameter┬ánet with soft knotless mesh – rubber mesh nets are ideal
  • Never beach a fish
  • No gaffs or tailers
  • Always handle the a fish with wet hands

5 thoughts on “Fishing tackle

  1. Kola Peninsula, Sidorovka River. On salmon streams the fishing is done mostly with a guide who helps the fisherman to land the fish and release it with no harm. Sometimes it is necessary to revive the fish for half hour prior to release .

    1. Hi Topu,
      Every little step anglers can take to make Catch and Release work better is worth taking.
      Great to see good habits starting early!

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