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Irish Fishing Guides and Instructors Directory

How to use this Directory

Welcome to the Irish Fishing Guides and Instructors Directory. Here you will find contact details of all the ghillies, fishing guides and instructors for both flyfishing and coarse angling in Ireland. Where casting instruction is offered this is noted.

The Directory is laid out on a County by County basis. It can be navigated using the drop down menu or from the list of counties on this page. Listed are both formally qualified instructors and ghillies (guides), some of whom may offer casting lessons as well as a guiding service. Those who hold a qualification or are a member of a professional organisation will have this noted in their listing.

Map of Ireland

The following qualifications may be held by angling instructors;

The following qualifications may be held by angling guides;

If you know of any ghillies, fishing guides or instructors omitted from this directory please forward the name, contact details and other relevant information to the webmaster using the contact form.

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