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Angling restrictions in Cork to be reviewed on Monday 28 May

May 25th, 2018 | by

Carp mortalities in The Lough are tapering off, with a total of 5 carp removed from the water since Sunday 20th . Mortalities continue at Belvelly Lake with 29 removed during the same period. The total removed from The Lough stands at 855 and 299 from Belvelly Lake, bringing the total combined count from both locations to 1,154. On a positive note, carp have been observed feeding and swimming normally in The Lough, where angling remains suspended.

Dead carp being removed from the Lough

Dead carp being removed from the Lough

It is now 3 weeks since the first report of ailing carp from the Lough. A meeting between IFI, the Marine Institute, Cork County Council and DAFM was held on 24th May to discuss the findings of the MI’s investigations. The evidence indicates that the mortalities are due to Viral Edema of Carp (Koi Sleepy Disease), with the same virus found in both waters, indicating a potential epidemiological link. While the source of the infection has yet to be determined, potential sources could include use of infected gear by anglers or the unauthorised movement of fish. The disease has been previously reported throughout the UK and Europe.

IFI officers and management will meet on Monday 28th May to review the current angling restrictions on Inniscarra and Carrigadrohid Reservoirs and continue to urge all anglers to maintain strict biosecurity protocols wherever they are fishing.

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