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Cross Border Peace Cup brings anglers together with great results

September 25th, 2015 | by

Scott Lonsdale secretary of the Northern Ireland Cross Community Angling reports:

“Congratulations to the Polish Anglers NI [PANI] who are the winners of the 2015 Cross Border Peace Cup with a combined team weight of 4.5kg, with Northern Ireland Cross Community Angling [Team A] taking second place with 1.4kg, closely followed by Killinarden Angling Initiative – KAI [Team A] in third with 1.2kg.

Artur Bojczewski of PANI had the Heaviest Bag from the Senior Sections with a 2.4kg bag in spite of the tough conditions on the day, with the Heaviest Bag from the Junior Section coming from Milltown Angling Club’s Curtis Lowry with a 0.3kg bag. The other section winners were Gregor Bojczewski from PANI with a 1.6kg bag and Wieslaw Nowicki with a 0.8kg bag for NICCA [Team A].

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NICCA would like to thank all the clubs who took part, our sponsors, Irish Bait and Tackle Limited, ERDE Fishing, and Village Tackle for the prizes that were donated, as well as the stewards and volunteers who helped make today such a success.

Polish Anglers NI  - NICCA_CBPC_2015_06

Polish Anglers NI  - NICCA_CBPC_2015_07Special thanks also to Lough Muckno, the Irish Angling Development Alliance and the National Coarse fishing Federation for the kind support with organisation and PR”

Polish Anglers NI  - NICCA_CBPC_2015_19

Scottie Lonsdale

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