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Emlagh at Donamon producing good bags

February 9th, 2017 | by

Bill Cassidy, Connacht Match Group, reports on their weekend match…

Mick O'Connor on the new stretch at Emlagh

Mick O’Connor on the new stretch at Emlagh

Connacht Match Group held the first of hopefully many team matches at Donamon and the new stretch at Emlagh last sunday.

Rory Dunne won Section 1 at Emlagh with 6.80kg

Rory Dunne won Section 1 at Emlagh with 6.80kg

This is a new initiative by the club with a view to showing off the great fishing that the river Suck has to offer, and with the addition of this new stretch the club can host  matches with up to fifty anglers.

Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy

Five team of four took part on Sunday with 2 sections on Emlagh and 2 on Donamon stands and with a hardy frost the night before anglers were not expecting big bags of fish, however with the exception of the high end pegs at Donamon all swims produced good returns of mostly Roach with the odd hybrid thrown in.

Section 1 on Emlagh

  • Winner Rory Dunne  6 Kilos 80
  • Second Bill Cassidy 4 Kilos 380

Section 2 on Emlagh

  • Winner Mark Leonard 4 kilos 680
  • Second Shane Dunne 3 Kilos 720

Section 3 Donamon

  • Winner Larry Parkes   3 Kilos 370
  • Second  Cathal Hughes 2 Kilos 570

Section 3 Donamon

  • Winner  Dara Finegan  990 Grams
  • Second Donatas Donatas 750 Grams

This was the first of a new venture of clubs from various parts of the country competing against local clubs .

Sunday saw 3 teams from Connacht Match Group ande 2 teams from Nass.

The return match will be held on the river Barrow Next Month.

Come on ye Bream

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Sensas Connacht Match Group

Sensas Connacht has been running for approximately 3 years, what started off as a few lads fishing a competition between themselves every few weeks has now turned into a very strong match group with international presence.


Sensas Connach MAtch Group  is affiliated to the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland and are members of the Angling Council the National Governing Body for coarse and predator angling as recognised by Sport Ireland and Sport NI. www.ncffi.ie

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