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Good weights at Alberts Lock drop as fish think about spawning

March 16th, 2018 | by

Gary Chandler reports on Sheemore Angling Association’s recent outings…

07 March: Well a good turn out for the Wednesday match today on alberts Lock. There were a good few larger fish showing for some but the small ones still prevailed in some swims. Still the weather was OK. We didn’t get too wet!

Here are the results…

  • Robert Howgate. 22.03lb
  • Stuart Lear. 20.12lb
  • Gary Chandler. 20.05lb
  • John McVey. 16.09lb
  • Francis McGoldrick. 12.10lb
  • Ray Carpenter. 9.05lb
  • Pat Tigwell. 7.08lb
  • Malcom Singleton. 6.05lb
  • Dave Oddy. 3.15lb

So not a bad day for most still need that milder weather mind

11 March: Well a bit of a mixed day today we decided to give Herons Shore a bash but as suspected it was a bit to early in the year yet so we all up sticks except Micheal Fitzpatrick who decided he didn’t want to and went to Albert lock but fished about half way up and as always things don’t always go to plan all tiny minnows and a few 2oz fish thrown in.

Here’re the results..

  • Robert Howgate. 3.08lb
  • Gary Chandler. 2.07lb
  • Malcom Singleton. 2.06lb
  • Andrew Riley. 1.05lb
  • Joe van der Spek. 0.11lb
  • Pat Tigwell. 0.10lb
  • Ray Carpenter. 0.04lb
  • Dave Oddy. DNW

So another day gone by but weather was good so party on.

14 March: Well a wet and windy Wednesday match at Albert Lock today seems like all the big fish from last week have moved of to their spawning grounds, but still a few small ones to go at.

Here are the results…

  • Gary Chandler. 11.03lb
  • Joe van der Spek. 6.05lb
  • John McVey. 6.05lb
  • Gavin Brown. 4.14lb
  • Robert Howgate. 4.09lb
  • Dave Oddy. 3.06lb

A tough day to be fishing the wind went from bad to worst near the end but we all survived the day.

Gary Chandler
Sheemore Angling Association

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