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Roach Madness on the Inny

October 13th, 2017 | by

Patrick Foran reports on the coarse fishing on the Inny…

The river Inny has been producing great catches of roach over the past week, to the anglers who are willing to put in the groundwork and locate the large shoals of coarse fish on offer.

Anglers have been coming from near and far and reports are coming in of Roach over the pound mark being caught upstream of lough Kinale lake, Co Cavan.

Two anglers had an extremely good catch over the last few days with nets of roach and hybrids in excess of 69lb and 60lb.


Paul McLoughlin had 60lb of roach

They report that the fishing was excellent from the first cast. They each choose a different method with Nass Angler Paul Mc Loughlin going for the waggler and his good friend Padraig o Riordan using the stick float. The fished 20 yards apart and their swims were roughly 4ft in depth. the men fished their floats in approximately 3ft, the river bottom was very uneven so the odd time the float would go under but not because a fish was biting but due to catching in weed.

Paul tells me he decided due to the fast flow of crystal clear water to fish a bulk of small shot under his waggler to get the bait down fast.  He fished red maggots on a size 14 hook and told us that the fish couldn’t get enough of them. The average roach was between 3 and 6oz and Paul used casters to get the odd better fish up to 12 to 15oz. the most successful bait by far was two red maggots fished on a size 14 Hook attached to 4lb line. Paul wore polarised glasses and told me as he loose few a handful of maggots, he would see each maggot disappear as the roach devoured them.


Padraig O’Riordan had just short of 70lb!

Downstream of Paul was his good friend Padraig o Riordan. Padraig used a different approach and choose to use a stick float in his pursuit for roach and hybrids.

He fished his stick float at 4ft so it was just dragging bottom but strung out his shotting like the buttons on a man’s shirt to allow his bait to gently be presented to the fish in his swim.

Padraig fished a size 14 hook baited with red maggots, every cast would result in a fish but to target the largest of fish he chooses the caster. The caster resulted in fewer bites per cast, but the fish he did catch was much larger than the ones who devoured the maggots at 1lb+.

Padraig fed his swim with nuggets of groundbait laced with hemp and casters.

He described the fishing to be the best fun he has had in a long time as it’s not every venue that can offer such fantastic sport to the leisure angler.

Both men agreed that the conditions were perfect with the temperature being 17c, a gentle breeze to balance out the high pressure and the water gin clear.

Both men fish for the Nass and District Anglers and are well known on the coarse angling scene.

They told us they love the fishing that the river Inny and will be back again for more sport over the coming months.

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