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Sheemore Winter League results and updates

November 20th, 2017 | by

Gary Chandler reports on Sheemore Angler’s recent outing and Winter League…

12 November:  Well a bit slow today for the first match of the winter league plenty of fish in most pegs but small isn’t the word for them the record minnow would double the weight of some of them but they kept you busy here are the results anyway.

  1. Brian Bohan. 7.02lb
  2. Gavin Brown. 6.10lb
  3. Joe van der spek. 6.02lb
  4. Micheal fitzpatrick. 5.12lb
  5. Dave Oddy. 5.04lb
  6. Mary Tigwell. 5.02lb
  7. Gary chandler. 4.06lb
  8. Alan Foster. 2.13lb
  9. Pat Tigwell. 2.11lb
  10. Ray Carpenter. 2.04lb
  11. Andrew Riley. 1.10lb
  12. Robert Howgate. 1.09lb

So a bit of a struggle for some a lot of fish caught but at 20/25 fish to the pound it was hard going. Hopefully they might grow a bit for next week.

15 November: A better day on the Shannon today after sundays effort a few bigger fish about today some nice roach and couple of big rudd and hybrids showing here’s the results for the day.

  1. Joe van der spek. 30.12lb
  2. Gary Chandler. 26.06lb
  3. Ray Carpenter. 25.13lb
  4. Dave Oddy. 17.07lb
  5. Alan Foster. 16.12lb

Not a bad day weather wise only one small shower and mainly overcast, with light winds. Perfect day for fishing long may it last!

19 November: Well the results of the second winter league match were better than last weeks weather was grand but the larger fish that were there on Wednesday had all but disappeared again still a few fish were feeding so here are the results.

  1. Robert Howgate. 15.04lb
  2. Alan Foster. 13.01lb
  3. Joe Van der spek. 12.11lb
  4. Pat Tigwell. 7.14lb
  5. Gary Chandler. 7.02lb
  6. Andrew Riley. 6.04lb
  7. Mary Tigwell. 6.02lb
  8. Micheal Fitzpatrick. 5.00lb
  9. Ray Carpenter. 4.03lb
  10. Dave Oddy. 4.01lb

So that’s another day over. We caught a few fish so it was worth sitting in the cold for a few hours.

Go fishing – join the club…

If you want to find out more about joining the club or getting involved in their competitions contact Sheemore Angling Association here http://www.ncffi.ie/about-us/ncffi-affiliated-clubs/ or follow their facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/865998406774978/?fref=ts

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