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Some good roach at Lanesborough but early for tench

April 6th, 2017 | by

Paul Waghorne has made his annual pilgrimage to  Lanesborough and has all the latest coarse angling news…

02 April: As for news on Lanesborough, Steve Blacklidge and son Josh are staying in the village and naturally fished the hot water stretch, amassing lots of small fish to a pound and Pike to 16 lbs. I’ve known Steve for over 20 years and look forward to seeing him each year.

The Lowry clan from Tuam fished the stretch near the bush and gusher catching lots of fish with some topping a pound, but did Conor bring any of his mothers Nutty Crunch for his absent friend?


Conor caught this Roach estimated close to a pound and a half on Sunday afternoon

05 April: Arrived at 07:47, the river looks perfect. No one fishing as yet, although a huge trout was caught by a pike angler yesterday.
I had to have a short evening session, so armed with a stick float rod went through my usual early season routine. I eventually totalled 35 fish, almost exclusively Rudd accept for the odd Roach and Perch. Best went about 4oz although most were sub 1oz.

Steve and Josh braved a day in pursuit of Tench on the disabled swims. Whilst the water temperature may be extremely good for the first week of April, I don’t think it is quite there for the tincas, It would require 12.5c for two or three days for me to try. That saying, fair play for their valid attempt. Remember 2012? when by this time we had well over 50

We have some high pressure over us for the foreseeable future, so I’d expect lots of surface activity at dusk. Sadly, tonight this simply failed to materialise but it was quite overcast.

River looking in fine form, temperature a healthy 9.7c and perfect height for early April. No signs of reed growth, but the lilies are showing.

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