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Fly-fishing in the face of a dark and hidden secret – Independent.ie

October 26th, 2016 | by

The novel’s title subverts the exceptional structure in the architecture of this mystery tale. Curious details about the biology and physiology of the fish are delivered at the commencement of chapters, marking a reflection on a human trait or, indeed, inhuman trait, as the reader will discover.

“Fly-fishing allows a man to revert to his state of being a natural hunter and to stalk his quarry as he has done since memory began… it allows man to act out an elemental part of the forest glade that lies within us all.” For at least one man in the novel, it allowed evil to hide in plain sight….

Independent.ie  24/10/2016  Read the full article ‘Fly-fishing in the face of a dark and hidden secret’


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