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Warning of electric pulse fishing’s ‘disastrous’ effects, Irish Examiner

January 10th, 2018 | by

The Irish Wildlife Trust, along with other European groups, has written to the European Commission warning of the “disastrous” consequences if it allows “electric pulse” fishing. The technique involves equipping fishing nets with electrodes which send an electric current through the seabed. This causes a muscular convulsion in fish which forces them out of the seabed and into the net. Electric pulse fishing has been banned in Europe since 1998 but a decision by the European Commission and Council at the end of 2006 has authorised it via certain exemptions…
Irish Examiner, 08/01/18. Read the full article ‘Warning of electric pulse fishing’s ‘disastrous’ effect‘.

Warning of electric pulse fishing’s ‘disastrous’ effects

Warning of electric pulse fishing’s ‘disastrous’ effects

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