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Anglers’ Preferences for Fishing Site Attributes

March 8th, 2017 | by

The ESRI would like to draw your attention to a Research Bulletin and corresponding journal article which are published on the Institute’s website.

Fishery managers seek to create a high quality fishing experience for anglers. What constitutes ‘high quality’ is likely to vary across anglers but is affected by the attributes of, and services available, at fishing sites. For instance, factors such as fishing bank access, fishing guides (ghillies), parking, boating, accommodation, tackle shops, water quality, amongst others, as well as fish stocks and catch rates all can affect an angler’s enjoyment from a fishing trip. Fishery managers have good data on fishing site attributes but only anecdotal information about anglers’ preferences for such attributes and their relative importance. Knowing which fishing site attributes have the most relevance for anglers is valuable information for fishery managers seeking to improve angler satisfaction. Given an angler’s choice of fishing location, this research investigates the relative importance of site attributes in decisions on angling trip duration, that is, which site attributes are associated with fishing trips of longer duration. Such information is beneficial to those seeking to increase the economic benefit of angling as a tourism attraction…

ESRI Research Bulletin:

Fisheries Research

Fisheries Research

Anglers’ Preferences for Fishing Site Attributes, by John Curtis and Benjamin Breen (ESRI)
Journal Article:

Irish Coarse and Game Anglers’ Preferences for Fishing Site Attributes, in Fisheries Research, by John Curtis and Benjamin Breen (ESRI)

For further information, please contact: 

Dr. John Curtis, Associate Research Professor, ESRI,
email: john.curtis@esri.ie

Note: ESRI Research Bulletins provide short summaries of work published by ESRI staff and overviews of thematic areas covered by ESRI programmes of research. Bulletin Articles are designed to be easily accessible to a wide readership. A reference or references to the full publication is included in each Bulletin article. An earlier version of this research appeared as ESRI Working Paper No. 529.


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