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Inland Fisheries Ireland disappointed by findings of new EPA water quality report

August 31st, 2017 | by

Inland Fisheries Ireland disappointed by findings of new EPA water quality report

Following the publication of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality review today, which has been making headlines in the national media, Inland Fisheries Ireland has expressed its disappointment at the findings.

“From an ecological and angling-tourism perspective, our rivers and lakes are vital national resources”, said Dr Ciaran Byrne, CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland. “It is essential that we protect and conserve these assets and water quality has a significant impact on fisheries habitats and populations.”

The agency has cautioned against singling out any particular sector for the standard in water quality across Ireland’s river basins and lakes, backing the EPA’s findings that ‘multiple factors’ are at play.

According to the EPA report, the total number of reported fish kills in 2013–2015 was 97, an increase in fish kills compared to 2007–2009 and 2010–2012. In several instances of fish kills, the exact cause was unknown and several influences may have played a part.

“There were 31 separate fish kills across the country last year,” added Dr Ciaran Byrne, “but just eight of those were directly attributable to agricultural activities. Inland Fisheries Ireland is grateful to the farming community for their continued consideration and vigilance. Good farmyard management can help to prevent accidental runs of polluting substances and protect the local environment.”

In addition to the agricultural related kills, two fish kills were as a result of municipal works and one by industrial works. In four instances, the exact cause of the fish kill was difficult to ascertain while 16 incidents of fish kills were as a result of disease and natural causes.


The organisation also has a confidential hotline number to enable members of the general public to report incidents of water pollution, fish kills and illegal fishing – 1890 34 74 24 or 1890 FISH 24.





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