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World Book Day: An Angling List for A-fish-ionados!

March 1st, 2018 | by

Today is World Book Day and we’d like to offer a few suggestions for a list of favourite angling books. This is by no means a definite list and is not in any particular order of preference. Most of these are available to buy or to order via your local bookshop or from the likes of Amazon, AbeBooks, eBay, etc. If you have some book suggestions, please feel free to post them under this post in the Comments section on our Facebook page. (Thanks to Paul O’Reilly, Myles Kelly and Willie Roche of IFI for their input.)

  1. A Man May Fish – T.C. Kingsmill Moore
  2. Rivers of Ireland: A Flyfisher’s Guide – Peter O’Reilly
  3. Loughs of Ireland: A Flyfisher’s Guide – Peter O’Reilly
  4. Fishing and Thinking – A.A. Luce
  5. The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike – Fred Buller
  6. Trout from a Boat – Dennis Moss
  7. Coarse Fishing in Ireland – Hugh Gough
  8. The Angler in Ireland: Game, Coarse and Sea – Ken Whelan
  9. An Angler’s Entomology – J.R Harris
  10. The Sea Angler: Afloat and Ashore – Des Brennan
  11. Irish Rise: Reflections by Lough and Stream – Dennis Moss
  12. Successful Sea Trout Angling: The Practical Guide – Graeme Harris and Moc Morgan
  13. Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe – Alwyne Wheeler
  14. Casting at the Sun – Chris Yates
  15. Hooked on Bass – Alan Vaughan and Mike Ladle


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