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Some decent pike fishing on Midlands venues last week

February 9th, 2017 | by

Mick Flanagan the news from the fishing scene in the midlands…


Our good pals Stan Ryan and Justin Jordan dropped down from Capital D last week and braved the elements in search of pike. Stan is Secretary of Ardmore Sea Anglers, but loves his trip to Mullingar and has huge praise for the town.

Stan Ryan

Stan Ryan

The lads stuck it out doing a bit of dead baiting with smelt and roach working well. On the day we boated some beautiful pike including a cracker up on 18lbs.


Marty Smith was back over from Macclesfield and also battled the elements in search of pike and perch. Marty is part and parcel of angling here in Mullingar and drops over regularly and stays in Kerrigan’s of Harbour Street. It was tough going the first few days of this angling adventure but all came right on Sunday and we had a few nice fish.

Marty Smith

Marty Smith

Marty who is a member of Lough Lene anglers is already booked in for March 1st, and counting down the days to his next trip to Mullingar.


It’s priceless what you come across on the waterways, and last week on Ree I photographed a farmer going about his business heading out on one of the islands to feed cattle. Lough Ree is a huge span of water, and a real jewel in the crown of Ireland.

Hauling fodder

Hauling fodder

Naturally with all the development work-taking place near Ballymahon Ree will be the focus of attention for visiting anglers. Plus the fact that’s it permit free will certainly appeal to angling groups, and clubs. Their is any number of access points including Coosan Point, and if drifting in and around Coosan drop into the Loug Ree Inn, its some spot for a snack and right on the waters edge. They tell me they can arrange hot and cold dishes or BBQ options for visiting anglers plus live music and transport can be arranged.

Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling

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Midlands Angling  provide a top class Guiding service covering many of the top coarse and game waters across the Midlands. Visiting fly anglers have landed some fine trout while out with Midland Angling Guides, pike anglers also recorded some net bursting catches including many pike over 20lbs. Top waters include Lough Ree, Ennell, Owel, Lene, Mount Dalton, and Glore Lake just to mention a few.
Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling
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