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Good pike make a good Christmas for Tullamore anglers

January 8th, 2018 | by

Pat Foran reports from his latest catch over the Christmas period…

I had a brilliant Pike fishing session on St Stephens day. We fished a lake venue and applied the tactic of the sink and draw approach using a roach dead bait.


21lb pike that fought hard and even tail walked

The swim fished was very weedy so with this in mind there were the hopes that it would be a holding spot for fodder fish. Within the first hour I had a run on the dead bait. The fish grabbed the bait and swam at speed towards the centre of the lake. I struck and played the pike for a few moments before it all went slack and it was obvious that the pike had shaken the hook. I cast back out to the same spot and the pike took the bait again nearly instantly and again swam at speed towards the depths. This fish fought like a beast and when it finally broke the surface with a tail walk it was obvious it was a twenty. My friend Shane safely netted the fish and it was quickly unhooked, weighed to be 21lb 2oz and popped back safely into the lake.

broken rod mended with elastic bands

On the run repairs…

Shane was the next to get a run, again on the sink and draw dead bait Shane managed to break the blank and land a nice jack pike. After that, it went quite until midday and it was decided to change tactics. There was a slight Breeze on the lake so it was agreed to pop on some drifter floats and let the floats explore the lake further out.  Somehow around this time my rod just snapped in two during a cast, Perhaps there had been a crack or something. So I decided this wasn’t going to put him off and carried out a quick repair job with elastic bands. I started fishing in 20ft of water and set my float to 15ft. This change in tactics proved successful as it wasn’t long before the float disappeared and a lovely little jack of around 2lb was landed. The rod held up surprisingly well and another roach dead bait was put on the hook and cast out. Not too long later, my float disappeared again and I struck into a much better Pike. It was very hard to control her on a broken rod but care was taken and the repair did its job: A beautiful fish of 18lb 4oz slipped into the landing net. The photo didn’t do this fish justice as she was stunningly marked and in fantastic condition.  After this, we had no more action and it was decided to call it a day.

18lb 4oz Caught on the Broken rod

18lb 4oz Caught on the Broken rod

On Behalf of The Tullamore and District Angling Club, the club would like to wish all their members a happy new year and many tight lines for 2018.

Up Coming Dates:

Tullamore and District Angling Club will be hosting the first competition of the 2018 league on January 7th. For more info Contact Pat Foran 0863545579

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