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Grandson’s lure choice for his grandad yields him a fine 24 lb. pike in Co. Cavan.

December 23rd, 2014 | by

Well known Piker John McDonagh sent us in a lovely story of catching a fine pike on a recent trip to Cavan.

During the week gone by my fishing buddy Pat Byrne sent me a picture of a special swim pike lure he had just befriended and advised me to go get one for our usual Sunday Pike boat outing to Cavan. Me being afraid I was missing something had to have one even though I had more lures than the tackle shop. So on Saturday my 6 year old grandson was visiting and he just loves tackle shops so I brought him along with me to make the purchase. When we checked out the particular swim pike lure  I discovered it  came in several colours, I fancied the natural looking silver one but my grandson insisted on the bright yellow and red one to the extent that a tantrum was developing. It being Christmas I decided to treat myself to both colours despite the fact the total, would have nearly filled my fuel tank for the week. Anyway guess what, the next day on our favourite Cavan lake I gave Alec’s choice the first cast and straight way I was into a cracker of a pike.  We did not have a scales but judging by the girth and length we would estimate it at least 24 lbs.


John McDonagh with a fine 24 lb. Pike from a lake in Co. Cavan

John McDonagh with a fine 24 lb. Pike from a lake in Co. Cavan

Fish was released safely back to its habitat and swam away strongly. We caught another 5 pike before we lost the light and had to go home with our memories. Pats my fishing buddy but now Alec my grandson is my personal adviser on lure selection.

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