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Great pike fishing on Lough Derg in glorious weather

May 11th, 2017 | by

A brief report from Ken O’Neill, who says that pike fishing on Derg has been excellent over the past week. Ken reports over 50 pike caught and released that he is aware of, with quite a few over the magical 100cm mark.

Ross Sanders from Perth, Australia has been over for the last 3 weeks, on his third year coming to the area, and has been mixing a bit of fishing with touring around during his stay. He has landed 7 decent pike and 2 trout so far on his outings.

Australian angler Ross Sanders on Lough Derg, May 2017

Australian angler Ross Sanders on Lough Derg, May 2017

IFI Research and UCD are co-ordinating a joint research project on Rare Fish. These include the lampreys, of which the dwarf sea lamprey is found in Lough Derg, and the brook and river lampreys are found in the rivers and streams around the lake. Anglers are asked to report any sightings of lampreys, lamprey marks on fish they catch, or lampreys seen spawning in rivers or streams. Sights can be reported to rarefishreporter@gmail.com, and more information on lampreys can be found at www.ucd.ie/rarefishreporter

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