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Hectic sport on the Suck as jacks feed hard

April 11th, 2018 | by

Pat Foran reports from the River Suck…

Rumors have been coming in that the River Suck has been in cracking form lately with a lot of pike up to mid doubles being caught on dead baits and lures. I decided to head over to this fantastic venue and give it a go for myself.

I started my session not far from Ballinasloe and decided on trying to target these pike with wobbling smelt dead baits in along the rushes and reeds that run along the river margins for miles and miles.

Lovely overcast conditions on the River Suck

Lovely overcast conditions on the River Suck

Conditions were perfect with a nice mild spell of around 10c and a slight breeze kept a ripple on the river. The area I was fishing was around 7ft deep dropping into 11ft so little lead was needed to get the bait down to the bottom. I found that the pike was taking from the start and with the bait in the water only a few seconds I was rewarded with my first pike of the day a nice plum jack pike of 3lb. I recast into the same area and again found another 3 pike come from the same swim.

As the day continued I found the fishing patchy as the pike seemed to be shoaled up tight in the deepest swims. Some parts of the river I covered seemed to be completely void of pike and other pools were stuffed with them. In the space of a few hours, I had a great catch of 15 jacks all ranging from a meer 7oz up to 5lb. I called it a day happy with my result.


My average size pike on the River Suck

Luckily for me, I had a few hours free the following day I planned to return and give it another go to see if I could tempt any of the larger pike into feeding.

I increased my size of dead bait on this session and went for the smelt dead bait in the 8in/ 10in brackets. Again the pike was taking the bait on every cast and in only 5 hours I had 16 pike and had run out of bait again. I was delighted with the overall result as over the two sessions I had managed to catch a total of 31 pike and had great sport in the process. Unfortunately, the River Suck didn’t manage to provide me with anything bigger than 8lb but when the fish were taking so well I honestly couldn’t have cared what size they were as I was just enjoying the hectic sport.

Let’s hope the jacks keep feeding and perhaps this time next year they will all be near doubles.

Until next time Tight Lines.

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