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Huge trout and good pike at Lanesborough

April 5th, 2017 | by

Paul Waghorne, www.lanesboroughangling.ie, is back again reporting from his beloved Lanesborough:

02 April: Steve Blacklidge and son Josh are staying in the village and naturally fished the hot water stretch, amassing lots of small fish to a pound and Pike to 16 lbs.

04 April: I have news of a 9lb Brown Trout, caught by Steve Blacklidge yesterday on the hot stretch. I’m not sure, but could this be the biggest Brownie ever caught from the bank at Lanesborough? You may recall last year a pair caught by Artur Rydzak but nothing like this. Unless we see a bigger specimen, I nominate this as ‘fish of the year’.

This huge trout was caught on a Roach dead bait intended for Pike and of course, was safely released after.

9lb trout

Steve Blacklidge poses with his fish before releasing it safely

05 April: I took Ralf out for a good walk this afternoon. On the way back we went to the old harbour below the duckpond. From there all the way round to where the lowest concrete rises, there were simply millions of fry. It is of no surprise as to why the Trout are present, they must be gorging themselves. With so much fry between around an inch and a half long, I believe that nature has this last six months had a double spawning, probably in the very warm late October/November.

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For daily update on the fishing at Lanesborough see Paul Waghorne’s website: http://www.lanesboroughangling.ie/


Due to the biosecurity risks posed by the Asian Clam populations anglers can only use the specially provided keep-nets, available both sides of the bridge – from the Daybreak Filling Station, Ballyleague and Bridie Holmes Fishing Tackle Shop, Lanesborough.

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