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Mick lands a cracker on Ree

May 10th, 2018 | by

Mick Flanagan reports on fishing in the Midlands lakes.

Pierre and Pike

Our good pal Pierre Henneron is back over from Paris, and once again pike fishing on Lough Ree. Pierre has been coming to Westmeath for over 20 years with his wife, and has featured in our angling slots over the years. Pierre loves trolling lures in the deep water on Ree, as you never know what’s going to latch onto your bait. Over the May weekend Pierre had some nice pike, no Ree Monsters, but good fish pushing double figures. I hope to catch up with Pierre before he heads back, and hopefully see what lures are working best on Ree.


Pierre Henneron with a nice Lough Ree pike

Pierre Henneron with a nice Lough Ree pike


Ree Cracker

On Bank Holiday Monday I had a savage take on drifted deadbait, while fishing on Ree with Pierre Henneron. The pike was in mint condition, and really tested my gear.The powerful runs before landing was unbelievable. It was a lucky catch as we only had a few pike that day. Maybe the new lucky Cap by Geoff Anderson  caught the pikes eye. Check out the new range of Geoff Anderson Flexfit & Snapback Caps, they are a wonderful fit and come in some amazing colors. If not available in your local tackle shop, check out www.geoffanderson.com.


Mick Flanagan with his Lough Ree cracker

Mick Flanagan with his Lough Ree cracker


Michael Flanagan
Midland Angling

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