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Pallas Lake low and pike fishing slow

October 1st, 2018 | by

Pat Foran reports on Pallas lake Angling Club’s recent pike competition…

Pallas lake Angling Club in Co Offaly held an Open Pike Competition on the 30/09/18.

The weather leading up to the competition has been quite mild with an average temperature of 12c to 14c.  With this lovely weather, everyone expected the fish to be moving around and feeding well, so anglers from far and near all descended on the lake with high hopes of doubles and even the odd twenty-pound pike if they were lucky.

Pallas Lake

Levels were low on the lake

Unfortunately, the lake didn’t fish as well as it had in previous competitions. Everyone’s first glimpse of the lake as we descended from the car park was shore that we had not seen previously. The lake was indeed down about 4ft from its normal level and the effects of the hot summer were clear for us all to see. Twenty-four adult anglers and two juniors spread out across the venue and all cast out their dead baits for the 10 am kick-off.

Dan displays his new Personal Best Pike

Dan displays his new Personal Best Pike

Aido with a nice pike

Aido with a nice pike

Fishing was slow in the first few hours with little being reported caught around the lake. By midday local angler, Christopher Guilfoyle landed a stunning fish of 13lb 8oz. There was also rumours of smaller fish caught down the lake but nothing near as big as Christopher’s. I chose to fish the sink and draw method and landed five very small pike which brought my weight to a total of 8lb 14oz. The most successful method on the day was float fished roach dead baits fished in 13ft of water.

The 16.00pm deadline soon came around and everyone met back in the car park to find out the results. In total, the 26 anglers caught a total of 11 pike overall.

Chris with his Prize winning catch (1)

Chris with his Prize winning catch

There were two prizes up for grabs. One prize went for the heaviest individual pike caught over the competition and the other prize went for the heaviest combined catch. All the fish in this event were weighed and released safely back to the lake.

The winner of both prizes was local angler Christopher Guilfoyle with his 13lb 8oz catch.

The fishing was hard but regardless everyone had a brilliant day out in good company and as one angler said to me “Sure isn’t a bad days fishing, better than a good day working”.

Upcoming Competition:

Pallas lake will be hosting their next pike competition on Sunday the 21st of November.

This will be a member only competition and places are very limited to join.

If you are interested in joining, then contact Gareth on 0877908214

Pallas Lake


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