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Red Letter Day for Martin – 29lb 3oz and 23lb pike landed

November 21st, 2017 | by

Patrick Foran reports that Martin Lynch had a pike session recently that many Pike anglers could only dream of…

Martin tells us that he had been fishing a small lake hidden away at a secret location in Cavan and was pike fishing for the lake’s large resident pike. He started the session by finding a swim which consisted of around 4ft of water and fished close to a large bed or rushes.

Martin presented a rudd dead bait at first which produced his first take of the day. The bait had only been in the water a couple of minutes when his float disappeared at speed. Martin is no stranger to catching large pike and knew that the pike that took his bait wasn’t a jack.

Martin Lynch with his stunning 29lb 2oz Pike

Martin Lynch with his stunning 29lb 2oz Pike

He struck and was met with a ferocious fighting fish which swam towards the center of the lake and took line at speed from his reel, in its effort to shake the hook. Martin tells us the fish tailwalked and it was a marvelous sight to see a pike of such size jump clear of the water. The fish was very soon brought to shore before been safely landed, weighed and returned. She tipped the scales at 29lb 2oz.

Martin couldn’t believe his eyes and thought his day had been made already, but little did he know what lay ahead.

Just an hour later Martin’s float fished, home dyed, red mackerel dead bait was taken by another pike. This one was much smaller and weighed 5lb 5oz, but was a nice catch all the same. Martin ended up with two more pike over the extent of his session. A lovely pike of 9lb 5oz and an absolute belter of 23lb. Again the mackerel captured the last two pike while his fishing pals beside him could only look on in awe.

23lb Pike for Martin

23lb Pike for Martin

The chances of getting two large pike like that is very slim and when it does happen its a memory that will stay with you forever

Martins total catch added up to an impressive 66lb 12oz for four lovely Pike.

A session that most anglers could only dream of, Well done Pal.

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