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Spawning pike not interested at O’Casey club comp

March 15th, 2017 | by

After fishing the 2nd leg of their pike league on one of the wettest and windiest days that they had fished in a long time back in February, the O’Casey’s Pike Angling Club were looking forward to milder conditions at the weekend.

The 3rd leg of their pike league was fished on a quiet lake venue in Monaghan. The club reports that the fishing was challenging as the pike were spawning and had other things on their mind.

The results were

  • 1st Eddie McGuirk – 8 pik, 27lb
  • 2nd Paul Dennis 7 pik, 20lb-9oz
  • 3rd John Hoey 3 pik, 15lb-4oz

Heaviest fish was caught by Eddie McGuirk, a 9lb-10oz pike.

Join the Club…

O’Casey’s Pike Angling Club is based in Co. Monaghan. The aims are to promote and develop the sport of pike fishing for all responsible anglers.

For more information see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/caseyspike123/ or Call 087 9941600

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