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Great day and great fish on the mighty Lough Oughter

February 24th, 2016 | by

Angler Adrian Bebeto took advantage of a great day last Tuesday and headed to beautiful Lough Oughter with his friend Dragos.  The two men left Dublin pretty early in the morning.

Lough Oughter

Lough Oughter

Adrian tells us “About 8 o’clock we jumped in the boat and start fishing. It was a very sunny day.  Around half ten I’ve got a big bang on the rod and hooked this big beautiful 16 and a half pound pike. When it was close to the boat I asked my mate if he could lift the fish in for me but suddenly the pike jumped in the boat. We were so surprised when we saw it in the boat between us that we couldn’t stop laughing. He recorded me doing all this, took a few pictures and then we safetly release the pike back in the water with the hope we’ll see her again next time!”

This super pike took a soft lure.

Adrian Bebeto with his Lough Oughter pike

Adrian Bebeto with his Lough Oughter pike

Catch and Release…

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