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The Jacks are Hungry at Kinale

October 13th, 2017 | by

Patrick Fooran has been receiving great reports from pike anglers, who have been traveling to fish Kinale lake, Co Cavan over the past few days…

The Byrne Family from Co Dublin had a great catch of 18 Pike on the lake all caught on lures and spinners.

Eric Byrne tells us that they were catching pike from the first hour, conditions were perfect with a gently breeze to cool a steady temperature of about 17c.

David Byrne with his Toby caught Pike

David Byrne with his Toby caught Pike

The lake looked in excellent condition, the recent rainfall has increased the depth of this shallow lake which averages only four feet in depth. Eric said the water was very clear and ideal for a spot of trolling.

David Byrne started the day with a variety of blue Toby’s but for some reason these were just not what the fish wanted. He changed to a selection of 17g perch patterns which brought him 6 nice jacks to the boat.

Eric and Charlie Byrne with there catch

Eric and Charlie Byrne with there catch

Eric and young Charlie found there most successful patterns were black and gold. They choose to fish 17g toby lures trolling from their boat. There method was very successful and they landed 12 Pike.

ErIc Bryne With a small Jack Pike

ErIc Bryne With a small Jack Pike

The men said the pike were feeding very well and we were getting a pike every 15 minutes

There were five boats on the lake that day and each of them caught plenty of Pike.

The Byrnes fished in middle of the lake while other boats choose to fish in the shallow bays.

Eric said the fish fought very hard and had a great recovery when released.

Over the period of the day only three pike came off during the fight.

Another boat on Kinale reported catching more than thirty small Pike  up to 5lb to two anglers all on floating popper lures and storm perch replica lures. The two visiting anglers fished the shallow bays where the depth was only 18inches. They reported that the Jacks were in packs of about five Pike, they kept moving around the bays and continued to catch the shoals of Hungry Pike throughout the afternoon.

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