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Top pike fishing for TopTackle duo on Roscommon lakes

December 15th, 2011 | by

The big one – 110cm 20lb, a cracking fish for December.

110cm 20lb Pike

Anthony with his110cm, 20lb pike

It was quite frustrating as fishing can be at the best of times as it seemed it was just one of those days and we were just about to refer to the big book of fishing excuses when I suddenly I felt a powerful tug on my line. I was so excited as I felt some more thumps so I let Noel I was on and I started reeling in. The line felt quite heavy and I caught a glimpse of the fish but not enough to judge the size of it, it was not putting up that much of a fight so I assumed it was a jack with a bit of weed caught on it. I reeled it in close to the boat and was shocked to see the size of it as was Noel, it was a monster and then the pike woke up and the battle was on. She leapt up and tried to tail walk away but the Poseidon treble was well hooked in and she was going nowhere, she did some amazing powerful runs and two more incredible jumps, I had never seen such a big pike jump this high from the water, it was truly spectacular sport. Noel got the net and slipped it under and we boated the beautiful pike which turned out to be 110cm in and around the 20lb mark. The camera came out and there were plenty of pictures taken and then we sent her home and she slowly swam back to the deep.

Niall’s day out and his first pike

We have recently been out testing out some of our lures from Top Tackle throughout November and early December and have had some success. On one of these trips we were joined by our good pal Niall Kenny. Niall has always been a fan of our fishing tales and wished to join us for one and see the fish in the flesh and we didn’t want to disappoint.


Niall and Anthony with Niall's15lb Pike

Niall and Anthony with Niall's15lb Pike

It was a great day and we even managed to land Niall a lovely 15lb Pike, he had his worries about holding it when he saw the monster so I took on the responsibility for photo purposes.

We have had some really cracking doubles on some of our swimbait lures which can be found in our online store http://toptackle.ie/ also on the site you can read all about our tales on our days out.

Anthony Greene
Top Tackle
Tel: +353 (0)85 7412767

Noel with a 14lb pike

Noel with a 14lb pike

A 17lb Pike for Anthony

A 17lb Pike for Anthony

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