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18 Salmon from the Erriff last week

June 30th, 2017 | by

Osgur Grieve reports that 18 salmon were caught during the week 21st – 27th June on the River Erriff…

On the afternoon of Wednesday 21st David Dugdale (UK) landed a fresh ranched grilse of 4.36lbs. His fish took a cascade in the sea pool. Selby Knox (UK) was into action on the 22nd releasing a wild grilse of 4.5lbs. from the falls pool, his fish took a sunray shadow stripped across the surface.

River Erriff

Enda O’Connell with 2 of his ranched salmon caught on the 23rd June weighing 7.45lbs and 6lbs.

The clean flood on the 23rd brought the river up nicely. Regular visitor Enda O’Connell hit it just right and managed to catch 4 for his day. They consisted of 3 ranched of 7.45lbs., 6lbs., 3.9lbs. and 1 wild of 3.5lbs.(released). These fish came from the falls and middle garden pools using a Cascade. Interestingly Enda caught all of these fish within the space of 1 hour! In the afternoon it was Selby Knox’s turn releasing a wild grilse of 3lbs. from the middle garden pool on a Cascade. This brought Selby’s total for his week to 6 grilse. Michael Parry (UK) lost a similar sized grilse also in the middle garden. Michael and Selby also released 5 sea-trout of about 0.5 – 0.75lbs. In the evening visitor Peter Robinson (UK) had his first ever Erriff grilse of 2.9lbs.

Sunday the 25th saw visiting angler Kevin Cronin release a wild grilse from the Coronation pool on beat 8 and Julie McMullen (USA) released her 1st ever grilse of 3.5lbs in the middle garden pool.

Visiting angler Johannis Hipp had a nice ranched grilse of 4lbs. from the upper garden pool on a fly called  ”papa’s revenge” on the 26th. That evening also produced a wild grilse of 4lbs. for Bernard de Suza using a yellow tailed fly in the middle garden pool which he released.

The rise in water levels on the 27th produced fish again for Johannis Hipp who had 2 wild grilse weighing, 4lbs. and 6lbs. both released.

Enda O’Connell also returned to fish on the 27th and had 3 more grilse of 5lbs., 4.5lbs., and 4.1lbs., 2 of which were wild and released. These grilse came to Cascade variants in the falls and upper garden pool.

At the time of writing the river is at 0.92m and with fresh fish coming in daily we look forward to the week ahead. Well done to all our anglers and especially to those who caught their 1st ever salmon!

There are beats available so if you wish to book fishing please call the fishery office on (095) 42382 alternatively you can email us at erriff.fishery@fisheriesireland.ie


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