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40 salmon landed on the Erriff Fishery

July 28th, 2017 | by

Osgur Grieve reports from the Erriff Fishery (19th to the 26th of July 2017):

We have had a great week here on the Erriff with 40 salmon landed and more hooked and lost.

Some of these catches included visiting angler Steve Mann (from the UK) who caught a nice 4lbs wild grilse which he returned. Steve was using a collie dog variant in the middle garden pool.

Visiting angler Eric Podgorski (from France) caught and released a good wild grilse of 5.5lbs from the Coronation pool on Beat 8 using a small orange shrimp fly. That evening local man Peter Coyne released two wild grilse of 6lbs and 4.5lbs from the falls using a badger and shrimp fly.

On Thursday 20th July, Glen Harmon released a fresh wild grilse of 6lbs from the falls pool using a Cascade and a fine sea-trout of 2lbs from the middle garden on a blue charm. That evening saw the return of John Phelan, Billy Moylan and Jim Delahunty – John released four grilse of 2.75lbs, 3.4lbs, 3lbs and 3lbs, all from the falls on a Munroe killer variant while Billy had a ranched grilse of 3.5lbs and released a wild grilse of 5lbs, both on a Calvin shrimp. Jim Delahunty was unlucky to have lost a good fish as well that evening.

Glen Harmon returning 6lbs wild grilse below the falls

Glen Harmon returning 6lbs wild grilse below the falls. #CPRsavesfish.

Jurgen Mantel fished the morning of the 22nd July and released a 4lbs wild fish from Nee’s run on Beat 6 on an Ally’s shrimp. James Gillespie had two ranched grilse of 5.5lbs and 4.5lbs on a Cascade in the middle garden and Jamie Senior released a nice 4lbs grilse from the upper square pool also on a Cascade.

On Sunday 23rd July, local club man James O’Neill released three wild grilse of 2lbs ,4lbs and 5lbs from the middle garden, gauge pool and falls pool using a foxford shrimp and sunray shadow. Regular visitors Albert Caffrey and Donal Chambers also fished that Sunday and released wild fish of 4lbs and 4.5lbs on a Bann special in the middle garden pool.

After the rain on Tuesday night, the river rose to 1.5 metres on Wednesday 26th July and fluctuated all day between 1.5 – 1.6 metres and remained relatively clear. There was a total of 13 salmon landed for the day, some of these catches included former fishery manager, Jim Stafford, who had a ranched grilse of 5.46lbs from the 2nd square pool and released a wild grilse of 4lbs from the middle garden on a Cascade.

Conor O’Leary and Jenny Kass had a great day with Conor landing four salmon of 4.93lbs, 4lbs, 3lbs, and 8lbs, three of which were wild and were released using a Cascade from the falls and 2nd square pool and Jenny persevered through the rain and caught her first ever salmon on the fly! It was a fine ranched grilse of 5.79lbs from the middle garden on a Cascade.

Regular visitor Mark Helmore released three wild salmon for his day a fine 7.5lbs salmon from yellow banks on Beat 5, a 2.5lbs grilse from the hill on Beat 5 and a 4.5lbs grilse from Poleen on Beat 4. All were caught on a Bann special. Well done to all our anglers and especially our first timers!



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