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A couple of big salmon on Laune last week, water rising now

May 18th, 2017 | by

Billy Downes reports that as of Monday 15th of May the Laune is rising towards 1M on the gauge at the Laune Bridge after a prolonged dry spell.  Despite the low water there were two good fish landed for the week one 11 lbs the other 15 lbs, both spinning.  Angling effort was low but the few anglers who did venture out at least had the pleasure of seeing a fish.  It is always encouraging to at least know that there is a fish or tow there to fish for.  Sea trout fishing was slow there was a good brown trout rise in the fine evenings.


One would hope that there should be an improvement now that we have fresh water and the level is going to keep rising for the next day or so.  It should go over the 1m and should be topped up during the week at least giving ideal angling conditions for all methods for the foreseeable future.

Herve with nice brown trout, returned

Herve with nice brown trout, returned

Prospects:  Improved now with the rise in water but with the commercial nets in operation Tuesday to Friday, it’s anybody’s guess how many will be left for local and visiting anglers.  But there is always a chance if you venture out.

Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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