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A good few days on Carrowmore, 15 salmon caught

April 18th, 2018 | by

Bangor Erris Angling reports that although the wind picked up on Carrowmore Lake the fishing remained productive over the weekend…

April 12: Temperatures were still in the low teens at best and winds were light for the most part but overall angling conditions on the lake are excellent. Daniel Irvine had a fantastic few days on the lake landing a springer approx 10.5 lbs on Wednesday and then a whopping beautiful fresh springer of 12lb plus on Thursday. 8 fish were landed in total and 2 were released. And the best of the day was a 12lbs. salmon taken by Daniel Irvine.

April 13: Not a bad day on the lake but it was a little cooler today and very slack winds which made angling difficult. In the end 3 fish were caught and 1 was released.

April 15: As the weather is going to be a problem in the next few days we will have a few quiet days on the lake from Sunday onwards. The conditions turned out very rough on Saturday but we still had good fishing. Despite the strengthening winds 4 fish 2 were released.

Go fishing…

Please note that Carrowmore Lake is a Brown Tag Fishery this year.

For fishing on Carrowmore Lake contact Seamus Henry on +353 (0)97 83487 or visit www.bangorerrisangling.com.

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