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Currane bedevilled by windy weather

March 8th, 2017 | by

Vincent Appleby reports on yet another windy week in the Kingdom of Kerry where anglers make serious efforts between the gales but were not rewarded by the thrill of connecting with a fresh salmon…

02 March:  The weather takes the headlines again and for good reason, there was a strong Southerly wind blowing across the lake with heavy rain at times and just for the record it make a small flood, come afternoon the wind did drop but there wasn’t any reports of any rod benders. Amount of rainfall yesterday 5.3mm.

03 March:  There were 3 boats out on the Waters of Lough Currane today, anglers hammered the North Shore out to the Grassy and into the Mouth of the Commeragh and back down to the Morgan’s Rock and what did they get for their hard efforts, absolutely nothing and they call themselves professionals!! I agree they are in the bars! as they try to convince themselves that they are better than what they actually are and if I’m wrong prove it, I would be delighted to eat humble pie! So who will stand and deliver or I should say catch and deliver! Wind North light and overcast with heavy rain at times. Amount of rainfall yesterday 13.5 mm.

04 March:  Lough Currane Anglers took another rest day in the angling and boatmanship department and who could blame them! You take this morning there was a strong and gusty North wind blowing and when I say strong I mean strong, in fact some of the gusts were dam dangerous! but come afternoon the wind dropped and you could say my fellow anglers dropped out of the race as the Wild Atlantic Salmon gave we the Anglers a Winston Churchill. Amount of rainfall yesterday was 30.2mm.

05 March:  On today’s notes there will be no sarcasm and we will stick to the facts and they are as follows, anglers were left stranded on the shoreline and for good reason, Kerry was on a yellow alert and was it wild, with a strong wind and violent gusts from NW as it battered Lough Currane and in the words of local gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com No News No Boats and plenty of wind from the NW as usual. That’s your ration this day. Amount of rainfall yesterday 5.3 mm.

06 March:  The Only bit of action today was on Dominic’s mobile phone and for  good reason it was his 46th Birthday and going by all accounts the party is in full swing in the back of the Lobster and just for the record that’s not false news!! Now for today’s fishing facts, there were 3 boats out manipulating in a fresh to strong and gusty NW wind with heavy showers and sadly there were no reports of any rod benders. Amount of rainfall yesterday was 3.9mm.

07 March:  There were five boats manipulating Lough Currane today with their flies and Lures at the ready, but I can say without any fear of contradiction today’s selection has a lot to be desired. Just for the record, Mr. Tom O’Shea of www.flyfishingatloughcurrane.com caught 5 Kelts to his boat and all returned safe and sound. Wind SE then veered SW with rain for the majority of the day, amount of rainfall yesterday 8.3mm.

That is your ration from the last week on Lough Currane, from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby

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