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Grilse continue to offer sport on Erriff

July 13th, 2017 | by

Osgur Grieve has the angling report for the Erriff 05/7/17 to 11/7/17…

A total of 18 salmon were landed for the period with a lot more hooked and lost. Miguel Diaz (Spain) and his friend fished with us on the morning of Wednesday 5th July and was rewarded with a fresh ranched grilse of 6lbs from the upper garden pool, this fish was taken on a Cascade. Seamus O’Neill visited us on the evening of the 6th and returned a 2lbs. grilse from the upper garden pool, this fish came to a small tube fly.

Friday 7th saw visiting angler Nick Fenton catch a ranched grilse from the falls of 3.5lbs. using a Cascade. That afternoon Dexter Lynas released 3 fresh wild grilse of 3.5lbs, 3.5lbs., 2lbs. Two of which came to a Cascade and the other to a Blue charm tube, these fish were caught in the lower garden, falls and middle garden pools respectively. The use of small tube flies recently has produced a lot of interest from the grilse with many fish hooked and lost with some staying on to be landed.

Catch and Release

Andrew Beattie releasing his 6lbs grilse 11.07.17

Regular visitor Andrew Beattie (UK) joined us on the evening of the 8th and was straight into action releasing 2 wild salmon of 4lbs. and 7lbs. on a Cascade. from the lower garden and falls pool.

Andrew was into action again on the 10th this time releasing a fresh wild grilse of 6lbs. from the falls again using a Cascade. Other lucky anglers that day included Desmond Wagstaff, Kevin Clayton and Jimmy French who all returned grilse in the 5 -6lbs. range using Cascades and Blue charm.

Tuesday 11th saw 6 grilse being caught 3 of which were caught in the space of 1 hour by Andrew Beattie, these grilse were 2.5lbs, 3lbs., and 6lbs. all returned and from the falls pool. That evening regular visitor John Phelan returned a fresh wild grilse of 3.5lbs. from the upper garden and William Moylan returned a fresh wild grilse of 3.5lbs. from the falls on a Curry’s red shrimp. Not to be out done Andrew Beattie was back into the evening action this time catching a ranched grilse of 5.25lbs. on a Cascade.

Go fishing…

We have fresh fish coming in at the moment and we have beats available, for bookings please call the fishery office on (095) 42382 or you can email erriff.fishery@fisheriesireland.ie

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