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Salmon still scarce for Laune Anglers, but chances improving

April 19th, 2017 | by

Billy Downes reports that as of Friday 14th of April the Laune had fallen to a lovely 1.2m, a fish was caught the day before and a good few fish were seen running the river through Easter…

8lb salmon for Mike Fisher

8lb salmon for Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher had an 8lb salmon from Beat 3 on Thursday. You must be out to have a chance. Further news of fish from the Laune is scarce but over weekend a good few fish were seen running the river.

Salmon smolt

Salmon smolt

Salmon parr

Salmon parr

Clive O’Driscoll sent me two lovely photos of a salmon parr and a salmon smolt. Easily caught at this time of year even on a salmon fly and especially on trout flies. Trout parr can be easily mastaken for salmon parr. See Comparison – and note the following from The Atlantic Salmon Trust: Salmon parr can normally be distinguished from young brown/sea trout by the more streamlined shape, deeply forked tail, longer pectoral fin, lack of orange on adipose fin, smaller mouth, sharper snout, only 1-4 spots on gill cover (often one large spot), well defined parr marks.

Billy Downes,  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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