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A dozen bass on fly and lure at Cork Harbour

April 25th, 2018 | by

Richie Ryan of Eire Bass sent us a quick report about red letter bass day on Cork Harbour…

Sometimes a fishing plan just works so well you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. You see my son John is home from Canada with his wife Gemma and our only grandchild. John and 6 year old Seán had so looked forward to fishing on my boat that I felt huge pressure to give them a memorable experience. Seán is just fishing mad you see.

A nice calm day beckoned but with rain of course! I thought about bass but felt it might just be a little bit too early. On the other hand the water temperature was creeping up nicely and I knew from my acoustic tagging data that some of the tagged bass returned to Cork Harbour as early March. In the end all kind of rods were loaded on to “Sea Hawk“ just in case. Seán had to catch a fish !

A bass mark which produced small bass at the end of last season beckoned. The water clarity was good for a change. I casted a few times not expecting much. On the 4th cast I felt a definite pluck on the lure, time to hand the rod to Seán. I could see the tip of the rod registering another few takes as my grandson worked the lure adeptly. Bang! Fish on! If this was a bass then it would be the first of the year from Cork Harbour and probably the first to a boat in the whole of Ireland! What a joy to see a flash of silver under the boat, Sean’s first bass. The beaming smile said it all.


Sean Ryan’s first bass!

Time to take out the fly rod as my son John had also landed a small bass. A few plucks to the first cast, they were definitely interested. Then a strip strike and the first bass on the fly this year in the harbour I reckon. The fish was landed, ably assisted by Seán of course! A total of 12 bass came aboard using various methods. I came ashore buzzing, a successful day and Seán Ryan had his first ever bass.


They ended up getting 12 bass – a great start to the season. This one was taken on fly.

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Why not try fishing from the first licensed saltwater fly-fishing boat in Ireland in the second largest natural harbour in the world? Your guide, Commander Richie Ryan, Retd, has built up a huge knowledge of bass fishing, over the last 30 years. With a purpose built boat for this sport he is insured to carry up to 3 anglers, ideal for small parties therefore and cheaper than the larger boats to charter. Bass and pollack are the main target species on the fly. Young and old are welcome and if you have no knowledge of fly-fishing, other methods for a variety of species can be organised. All equipment will be supplied if required.

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