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Boo..hoo Bass, spooky fishing around South Wexford

September 27th, 2013 | by

Guide Sean Jordan of Bass fishing Wexford tackles night time fishing and does it with style.  He tells us….

Spooky days, sporty nights around south Wexford, with the low light misty conditions we had around the south Wexford coastline this week surface lures were the first option, spooks, ima skimmers, and bonnies all got smashed by bass, along with a tail-walking garfish.     Night lure sessions yielded some nice bass too, along with the odd pollack in search of the swarms of sprat that we could see in shallow water packed tightly together hoping to go undetected in the darkness, away from the gaping mouths of bass that lurked only feet from them.

Step one…

Sean Jordan - Spooky bass 3Step two…

Sean Jordan - Spooky bass 4Step three…

Sean Jordan - Spooky bass 2Step four…

Sean Jordan - Spooky bass 1

Sean also gives us a lovely insight into the history of artificial lures…

James Heddon is credited with making the first artificial fishing lure made from wood way back in 1898, by 1950 the Heddon brand name was well known  worldwide and producing over 12,000  lures a day from their factory in  Dowagiac,  Michigan, U.S , the family business also produced rods, reels, and other tackle. In 1932 they started making their lures with a new product called ” plastic” and in 1939 the ” zara spook” was born, they gained the name “spook” because of their transparent appearance from the almost clear plastic their made from, the originals were made from poor quality plastic and few survived for long, making them much sought after by vintage tackle collectors today. Read the article ‘Spooks’

To make a booking……

Sean Jordan,

Bass Fishing Wexford
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