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Cork Harbour pollack on fly – great day out for young anglers

August 28th, 2017 | by

The numbers of children are taking up fishing as a sport is often a concern to us here but this recent booking with Richie Ryan gave us all a bit of hope. Richie takes up the story…

Georgia Zeolla

Georgia Zeolla was the first to connect

I recently received a call from a Godfather who wanted to take his two Godchildren out fishing. Now that’s what I call thoughtful ! Another skipper from Crosshaven  had recommended me as I only have a license to take out small groups. This kind gesture by their Godfather Adam Troy will hopefully inculcate a love of angling in these two youngsters. And so it was they set out on their treat after the initial safety briefing.

Callum Troy

Callum Troy

Ok , here is where we cheated a small bit. Knowing that the fly fishing was producing really great results I set up all three with fly rods and gave them a small demonstration. As if on cue a Pollack wolfed my fly. I really love the look of awe and disbelief when this happens. Invariably the first cast produces a fish and gets the client very excited about the prospects of a good fishing experience. In order to let someone try saltwater fly fishing the inexperienced angler simply drops the fly in the water and the current takes the line away from the boat and down into the brine. Many clients have taken up fly fishing as a result of this experience.

Adam Troy

Adam Troy

Georgia Zeolla , one of the Godchildren , was a fast learner and was instantly into a fish. She definitely had the knack. Not to be outdone her cousin Callum Troy was next to instantly hook up after being given a quick lesson. When theIr Godfather Adam was happy that the VIP’s were catching fish he took the third rod and also started catching fish. Excitement and tallies of fish caught flew back and forth. And so it continued until the kick off for the Manchester United match beckoned. With a promise to return next year for more fishing the children and myself left with a smile. And Adam Troy was also smiling, the plan worked.

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