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Donegal wrasse hitting soft plastics hard

February 23rd, 2017 | by

Stefan Martin from Killybegs Mariners SAC reports on the fishing around Donegal Bay…

Wrasse on the rocks

Wrasse on the rocks

22 February: The grey gloom is gathering on the Atlantic horizon outside the bay and the gulls fly in circles over the harbour in Killybegs before winds come, just enough time to grab the lure rod and a pack of illex shads and wander the shore.



Casting out and bouncing the lures back feeling the shad tail working on the lift and let it sink into the floor and then the rattles on the braid as the wrasse attacks, full strain they scrap hard some beautifully marked fish with fluorescent blue speckles chomping on the soft plastic threats, all released and onto the next platform roaming the shore and taking in the fresh air, spring is near, all is awakening from the slumber now a great time of year again.

Stefan Martin
Killybegs mariners SAC

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mariner.sac

Wrasse live here...

Wrasse live here…Wild

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