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Early mullet from Clonakilty caught on fly

February 22nd, 2018 | by

The mullet have made an appearance off the South West Coast. Richie Ryan, the Eire Bass Guide takes up the story…

Every year I look forward to the appearance of mullet on our Southern shores. As some of you know fly fishing for the Irish Bone Fish is one of my passions. They can appear as early as January thus shortening my winter fishing blues. One year my mate Andrew Davies , who introduced me to this fabulous sport , told me he was catching them on the fly in late December ! The first thing I say to anglers thinking of taking up the sport is be prepared to be frustrated ! Salmon fishing is a doddle compared to fly fishing for mullet at times.


I received a report that the mullet were shoaling in one of my favourite marks. I decided to do an overnight in The Clonakilty Hotel , an excellent base with superb food and very reasonable rates. The first day saw a lot of activity with spawning fish agitated and jumping clear out of the water. I put up a bread fly tied by myself with no luck. I then switched to a similar fly tied  by Kevin Mc Loughlin but no joy. After a lot of persistence I could see the fly being wolfed by a large mullet, fish on ! After nearly 20 minutes of carefully playing this beauty on a 6 Lb leader, I landed him , photo taken then released. Another hour passed before a second fell to a different fly , this one was of similar size but not at all as feisty.


The following morning I arrived back to the same mark bursting with anticipation. I couldn’t believe it. To use that great Irish expression, ” there they were gone” ! A handful of mullet swam about and showed no interest in any fly. Off to all the usual marks to no avail. A blank on day two. That’s the way with The Irish Bone Fish.

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