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Fine cod, ling, pollack and plenty spurdog from Killala Bay

August 27th, 2015 | by

Donal Kennedy, skipper of the Leah, reported some good fishing for a group of anglers from Cavan. On Saturday 22nd August the party left Killala Harbour with weather conditions almost perfect.

Well out in the bay the first drift produced plenty of mackerel plus some whiting. The next drift over rougher ground saw some fine pollack up to 10 lbs. Then one of the rods bent double with a fine spurdog being landed followed by more spurs which gave plenty of sport for the anglers. After a while, the skipper decided to move to another place, again over rough ground, which was a wise decision as some good ling and cod were caught.

Fine cod and pollack from Killala Bay

Fine cod and pollack from Killala Bay

To book a day’s fishing in Killala Bay contact Donal Kennedy on +353 (0)0868174509 or visit www.dkennedyangling.net.

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