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Good Conger, Spurdog and Ling reported from Red Bay in Co. Antrim.

November 24th, 2011 | by

Charter skipper Hamish Currie reports:  ” The settled couple of days allowed us to push across the channel into the deep water holes s/w of mull of kintyre in search of some really big fish but after the first hour it was plain to see there was no monsters in this particular hole as over 20 congers came aboard followed by some nice spurs and ling, herring and mackerel can still be caught offshore in the middle of the channel.”

Hamish Currie
Predator II
Red Bay Stormforce 9.1 Rib Address: 9 Bellisk Drive, Cushendall, Co. Antrim BT44 0AX. Web: www.predatorireland.com Email: info@predatorireland.com
Telephone: 028 2177 1828   Boat: 077 20440117


Some nice Congers from Red Bay

Big Spurdog from Red Bay

Nice Ling from Red Bay

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