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Good fishing at Tralee Bay SAC comp but flounder scarce

July 20th, 2017 | by

Tralee Bay Sea Angling Club reports on their competition in Spa on Sunday…

The club had a great day’s fishing on the Spa yesterday against all prior ideas the dropping tide produced handsomely for us, well at least some of us. Leads hit the water at 12 noon and at 10 past the first ray was on the shore. Chris O’Sullivan was smiling. Shane Mc had a flounder on the bank and things looked like they would be hectic all day. Eugene had his rod almost ripped from the tripod by a mystery fish…. What was on the hunt? David O’Sullivan had a massive run that threatened to spool the reel and Nikki Foley too. Tope? Stingrays? Monkfish? The beauty of sea fishing is it could of been anything.

thornback ray

Rays proved valuable in the race for a podium finish

Troy and Mick were on the rays down on the low pegs while Finn up on peg 23 had a battle on his hands landing a personal best, a Thornback Ray estimated at 9lb. Craig Corbett got in on the action with a thorny along with visiting Irish international Andrew Mc Callion. Alison O Sullivan got in on the act and nailed a Thornie another Personal best. Sandeel seemed to be the top bait but crab and mackerel were pitching in too. The biggest surprise came in the form of the lack of flounder. Previously it has required 15 to 20 flounder to shake the podium places. Nikki Foley managed 4 almost the same as the rest of the beach put together!

Time began to pass all too quickly for the chasing pack and Eugene had his rod almost pulled from the stand again even with the drag loose a rarely seen sprint by Eugene rescued the rod but no fish????? Did he have hooks on?? Was it a mass hallucination? We will never know.

Phil decided to get in on the act with a ray while Mick and troy added another ray each as Phil landed a bass. Eugene Susan Farrelly finally broke the duck after some coaching by Connie. A ray for Chris, one for Phil and 2 quick fire ray by a reborn Eugene meant a blast up the leader board and the chasing pack were tight behind. Unfortunately or fortunately the time for the last cast had come. Shane Mc got another ray and Phil ord almost stole the show with a Stinger.


  1. Troy Francis
  2. Phil Ord
  3. Mick Francis
  4. Finn Healy
  5. John Osborne

Back to the Oyster Tavern to cool off with a well earned shandy and some very warm and hungry anglers were welcomed brilliantly. As usual we well well taken care of and well fed on a very busy Sunday afternoon for the Oyster. The food was as usual fantastic. A huge thank you from the club to the owners and staff at the Oyster for having us. 

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