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Lots of species on offer as Irish Kayak Anglers team up in Cork

October 13th, 2016 | by

Brian McCall reports from Irish Kayak Angling

Irish kayak angling held its penultimate round of the IKA championship this past weekend in Red strand Co Cork. This meet had to be twice postponed so it is with great joy I report that the fishing and conditions were as perfect as the venue. 12 kayakers hit the water at 11am to fish a challenge set down of a wrasse, a dogfish, a pollack a flatfish and a bass, with all extra species caught adding up as points.

irish-kayak-angling-oct-2016-pic-1Thankfully the mackeral were about in great numbers so we were good for fresh bait. The tide was not in our favour as we fished the ebb side for the majority of the day. That didn’t dwindle the fishing too much as we were busy all day with good sized wrasse up to 2.5kg, lots of pollack, quality flatfish- plaice, flounder and dab all caught to good sizes. in fact one dab I caught was 30cm from nose to tail. There was only one Bass caught on the day falling to the winner, Ian Burton. A number of cod were caught too along with an unusual catch, a dragonet.

irish-kayak-angling-oct-2016-pic-codLots of species on offer and cod starting to show a little further out could make it a very productive few weeks ahead. All in all we had dogfish, dab, flounder, plaice, mackerel, pollack, coalfish, ballan wrasse, corkwing wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, scad, launce, dragonette, cod and herring.

irish-kayak-angling-oct-2016-pic-2The final leg of our IKAC will be held on lough muckno on 22/10 and all are welcome to come along even if not taking part in the competition. There will be many kayaks on show and kayak demos on the day by sponsors. All the info is to be found on www.irishkayakangling.com. Please register your interest there.

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For anyone interested in the Irish kayak angling championship in Donegal or kayak angling in general, can visit the forumwww.irishkayakangling.comand they will answer any question you have.
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