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Luck of the Italians – bass anglers do well in Wexford

September 1st, 2017 | by

Sean Jordan, of Bass Fishing Wexford, reports that Italian duo Nick, & Matt enjoyed some decent sport on their few days in South Wexford recently over the last set of decent tides…

Nick with a bass

Nick with a bass

Matt who is a very experienced freshwater angler was keen to catch his first Bass. Nick told me that he fishes with Matt a lot, and that Matt was the luckiest angler he’d ever known, but after he lost four bass on their first morning I was beginning to doubt him….

catch and release

Bass – #CPRsavesfish

We were back out on the evening tide looking for some action with surface lures, & sure enough it wasn’t long before Matt’s good luck returned big time, a 75cm Bass, off the surface, after a few “searing” runs the Bass was under control.

Matt with bass

75cm bass – lucky Matt

A quick measure, tag, photo, held in the water to recover, & released….  “I told you Sean, he’s the luckiest” said Nick, I have to agree not many anglers get a 75cm, off the surface as their first Bass.


#CPRsavesfish Matt’s first bass goes back

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