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Pollack fly fishing on fire at Cork Harbour

July 6th, 2017 | by

That Carlow guide living in Cobh had an interesting booking recently. You never know who is going to make an appearance on your boat.  Eire Bass guide Richie Ryan takes up the story…

The great thing about the guiding business is the variety of people you meet. I’ve had Derek Davis, RIP, out a few times, I could have listened to him all day, a most interesting character he was. I had a Lord from the House of Commons out a few times and to his credit I wasn’t even aware of his lineage until well after the outings. And so it was that the magician and mentalist Keith Barry made contact with me and wanted to try out fly fishing for pollack.

I know what some are thinking, sure he’d conjure up the fish! As we headed out Keith spoke of his frustration with the poor sea fishing off the East coast lately. I’ll admit I did feel more pressure to land fish for a celebrity. He’d been out recently with Daryl Ewing out of Sligo, an excellent skipper. I would have to produce results to match those skills.


Pollack were on from the first cast

The first cast, a demonstration of the fly fishing technique we use on board Sea Hawk produced a pollack to the fly. To my absolute delight the fishing was on fire. There was hardly a cast that didn’t produce a fish. Keith didn’t even have to use his magic! And so it continued for hours. At the end of the session we had a quick dip for a few bass which produced only 3 but a nice end to the day. Keith Barry is a very keen angler and like Derek Davis is excellent company on the boat. He was so happy that he promised to return again before the season ends.

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