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December 20th, 2013 | by

I note that Jim Hendrick of Probassfisher.com  has some lovely sentiments and wise words on his blog this week. Indeed Jim has had some excellent articles throughout the year. We wish him all the best in 2014

‘He must learn that it is his business to be courteous and generous to extremes in all his encounters with his brother anglers by the waterside. He must learn that it is his business to understand as much as possible about the fish that make his sport, and to take responsibility for their perpetuation. He must learn that his pleasure is in fishing, not in killing; in the day and all its happenings rather than in a display of fish to vaunt his prowess; that his pleasure and his validity lie between himself and the God who made him, not in human approval or applause.’

Roderick L. Haig Brown – Fisherman’s Spring 1951

Jim Hendrick

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