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Schoolie bass still providing sport in Cork Harbour

December 6th, 2017 | by

Richie Ryan is still managing to catch Bass even at this late stage of the season. The guide tells the story of his recent forays…

I can’t believe I’m still catching bass in early December in Cork Harbour. OK they’re schoolies but heck they’re great fun , especially on a fly rod. The water temperature is 8.5 degrees centigrade so that’s also strange. We had over 100 in one settled week alone!

bass on fly

A winter bass on fly for James “No Photos” Mangan

With bass on the fly so prolific it was time to call a certain client who was anxious to catch a bass on the fly, James Mangan, a thorough gentleman. He sought me out last year for a few sessions of pollack on the fly to stimulate his interest in fishing. His father was a keen angler and loved fly fishing. James admitted he was not that interested until he turned 70! We cheated at pollack at the start, dropping the fly in the water and as always having great sport. Then came fly casting lessons with my good friend Brian Mohally.

So off we set recently with the HD line and saltwater fly rod.  A bonus is that he’s a pleasure to have on board and willing to try different techniques. It took James a while to adapt to casting the heavy gear. The lessons were with trout gear you see. But persistence paid off and several bass were landed aboard “Sea Hawk “ , box ticked.  He’s a no photos angler so regrets on no photographic evidence of him with a fish.


Another Bass in the Boat

As a matter of interest, James now fly fishes all year round. I’m truly chuffed that I’ve influenced someone of that age to take up fly fishing as a hobby. He even travels to Southern County Fishing Resort in my home county of Carlow during the winter to fly fish for trout. I’ll have to give that a go myself !

Make a booking…

Why not try fishing from the first licensed saltwater fly-fishing boat in Ireland in the second largest natural harbour in the world? Your guide, Commander Richie Ryan, Retd, has built up a huge knowledge of bass fishing, over the last 30 years. With a purpose built boat for this sport he is insured to carry up to 3 anglers, ideal for small parties therefore and cheaper than the larger boats to charter. Bass and pollack are the main target species on the fly. Young and old are welcome and if you have no knowledge of fly-fishing, other methods for a variety of species can be organised. All equipment will be supplied if required.

Tel: +353 (0)86 1940744

E-mail: info@corkbass.com

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