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Serious bass action in Kerry on night tides

October 31st, 2017 | by

Tomasz Ekert, Sea Bass Hunting, has had some really great bass fishing recently in Kerry…

19 October: Tomasz got a new lure (Albie Snax) from his friend Keith a while back. The lure re-wrote the rules! Within a month he caught over 30 bass, many of these larger fish, well over 60 cm.



29 October: Tomasz saw his hit rate explode in the last week. The bass expert had 32 bass in three sessions fished on Thursday and Friday.


Session one, Thursday morning, was fished right after high tide. Tomasz had 5 good Bass, all on a Salmo Wave.


Later that night Tomasz fished his second session. Again the timing was right after high tide. The dark tide fished way better. Every cast saw action and he landed 20 nice Bass. A Minnow accounted for 3 and his Albie Snax took 17!


Session three was fished the following night, this time before high tide. Tomasz only seven had Bass all just before high water.  Then the ocean started glowing green and Bass disappeared.

Read Tomasz Ekert’s blog Sea Bass Hunting

National Bass Programme

IFI has established a National Bass Programme to collect data on bass in order to provide scientific advice to support management and conservation of Ireland’s bass resource. Bass is Ireland’s only marine fish species which is managed for angling. The programme is being developed to determine the status of bass stocks and also to improve understanding of their ecology and biology in Ireland for the long-term sustainability of the species. See further details on www.fisheriesireland.ie/Projects/national-bass-programme

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