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Some nice bass from the east coast but expected more

August 31st, 2016 | by

Angling enthusiastic and guide Sid Jones of Fishing Ireland Guided Fishing puts his expertise to the test on the east coast, he reports:

I was out fishing along the Wexford coast line fishing the increasing spring tides hoping to cast across some reef that can’t normally be fished on the smaller tides. Over a couple of sessions on different marks I thankfully picked up some nice bass along the way and I was unlucky to drop a few too. The bass sizes were ranging from 3.5lb up to 9lb.

Sid Jones - Bass August 2016 pictures

A lot of hours went into these sessions on marks I expected to do much better on with the conditions and tides we’ve had. In turn this is worrying to me as the fish just are not there as plentiful as they were in recent years. I practice C&R and only hope more anglers would do the same but if your taking a bass for the table let the bigger breeding females go back and hopefully their laid eggs will hatch hopefully replenishing our low bass stocks securing fishing for the future.

Sid Jones

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