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Top Bass Fishing in Wexford

July 28th, 2017 | by

Wexford Bass Angling Guide, Sid Jones, reports some excellent bass fishing in the last fortnight leaving his clients craving for more…

Over a few sessions earlier in July with different clients we managed 16 bass, 11 of which were over 60cm and weighing up to 8.5lb; these included some new personal best fish for two of my clients and I also had three specimen (10lb+) bass for myself.

A lunker for Sid Jones

A lunker for Sid Jones

Sid Jones with another specimen bass

Sid Jones with another specimen bass

Last Sunday we held a bespoke guided trip for Welsh anglers Mark, Alun and Russ. It was tough due to poor conditions for the lads but team effort and persistence paid off with three bass at 4lb, 7.75lb and a solid 8.5lb fish – all landed with care and released to fight another day (#CPRsavesfish).

Graham Rooney: “I met up with Sid for a weekend of bass fishing which I had planned months in advance and boy it didn’t disappoint. His knowledge and watercraft is without doubt second to none. He knew where to be and when to be there which resulted in a fish on my 4th cast. It was not only the biggest bass I have caught weighing in at 6Ib but the biggest I had seen. Needless to say my smile in the photos says it all. Things were looking up; as the night went on I broke my record again and again with a 7.5Ib and an 8Ib Bass. Sid himself caught an absolute monster which weighed 10.5Ib. All Bass caught were returned to the water so hopefully we can catch them again someday. Sid is genuinely one of the nicest and easiest going blokes I have come across and I would highly recommend booking a trip with him.”

A happy Graham Rooney with his first catch of the night

A happy Graham Rooney with his first catch of the night

Aaron Moorhouse: “So from 10pm last night till 6am this morning, I had the privilege of fishing with Sid Jones – a top angler and a top bloke! I’ve been on to Sid for the last few years now and finally got around to booking a trip with him, I couldn’t have asked for any better person to go out on a night’s fishing for Bass. Sid is a brilliant guide – teaching you about watercraft and where you would look to find those big bass but also teaching you everything you need to know on how to catch some big bass.  The best was yet to come though as we were to hook up with this beauty – surely a specimen of a bass and one I might never see again 10lb+ measuring 73cm by 36cm safely caught and released. I would highly recommend Sid to anybody looking to catch some big Bass – I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.”

Aaron Moorhouse with his personal best, a 73cm fish.

Aaron Moorhouse with his personal best, a 73cm fish.

Many anglers have the knack for talking a good fish but not so many can put their money where their mouth is by catching quality fish time and time again; as these photos prove once more, Sid definitely has the knack for that!

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